brown gavel and open book on a wooden table of the law in the courtroom

Our firm handles litigation in the following areas:

  • Civil litigation;
  • Criminal litigation;
  • Arbitration;
  • Probate and family related matters (including Succession, Marriage, Divorce and Separation);
  • Traffic related matters;
  • Land, Environmental and Labour matters;
  • Constitutional and judicial review litigation.

The firm has established the following principles which are central in this regard.

  • Initiating mechanism in order to undertake suitable and effective action to obtain injunctions, have them discharged, obtain stay of execution, set aside judgments,  obtain interlocutory and summary judgments,  reviews and  appeals on  matters and  to obtain orders to protect our client’s interests.
  • Creating a good working relationship with the courts at all times.
  • Ensuring fast and speedy trials.
  • Thorough preparation of cases before hearing and research mechanism in several fields of law.
  • Keeping our clients posted and supplying them with copies of judgments and rulings where required.
  • Holding conferences to prepare our clients for trial.
  • Confirmation to our clients on whether or not their matters have been listed prior to the hearing date to save on our client’s time and money.